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  • Alcohol, drugs, Weaponry or any other illicit material are not to be possessed.

  • Delegates must adhere to the set theme for clothing at all times.

  • All clothing must adhere to guidelines that portray professionalism and modesty. If a delegate's attire is deemed inappropriate by the MUN staff the delegate will be asked to leave the session and return with the appropriate attire.

  • Delegates must attend the conference on both days, in order to receive the certificate.

  • Electronic devices such as, but not limited to, laptops, tablets and cell phones, are allowed to be used in committee chambers and during a formal debate for research, and resolution drafting purposes only. Please note that delegates are not allowed to text or communicate with other delegates in the room via their electronic devices.

  • The Secretary-General shall have final authority on all academic and procedural matters during the conference.

  • Each committee chair will have authority over all academic and procedural matters within their committee; decisions of the chair may be challenged in writing through the Secretary-General.

  • The Committee Chair will have the final authority over any and all spectators allowed in committee chambers.

  • Any delegate attempting to use cultural costume to portray a "character" will be asked to leave the committee chamber and change into more appropriate clothing.

  • Delegates should behave at all times in such a manner as not to damage the image of the delegation or Wisdom High International School.

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